Why Viral Marketing is So Powerful

Viral marketing is quite a popular trend of advertising and marketing right now especially online as it takes advantage of the internet’s network effect to be able to reach a great number of people in a short time.

Some Benefits of Viral Marketing

Viral marketing offer a number of advantages to businesses

Easy to execute. There are a few methods of sending viral contents or information and all of them are really easy to do. Among those methods are instant messaging, using web sites, sending email. Sending viral content through these media will not take much time or effort.

Low-cost. When compared to sending direct emails, viral marketing proves to be cheaper and a more effective method. With just a small investment on viral advertising, its power can reach hundreds of thousands of people. That is because the only money spend are on sending the initial set of viral contents, then all the forwarding and replicating of the message will not require any additional costs.

Good targeting. With viral marketing, there is a much higher probability that the message will get to people who are interested in it. Because the concept of viral marketing is really just passing on a message from one person to another and it is highly probable that the person will pass it to another person whom he knows will be interested in it content. So the percentage of wasted advertising, which is basically sending messages to the wrong people, will be greatly reduced.

High and rapid response rate. Because viral marketing reaches a huge number of the business’ there is also a high possibility to have a big turnover ratio. Even if the responses will not convert straight away into profit, there still will be a large amount of traffic that the business or website will receive which is what most owners want because traffic generally converts into profit.

These are truly great benefits a business can get by using viral marketing. But what is really makes it much more powerful than other strategies?

Let’s take Hotmail as an example, where this marketing strategy really started. Hotmail was able to spread over the internet at a really fast rate. It was like an virus that spreads out to others once there is a single person infected by it. That is why it was named as such.

According to Hotmail’s statistics, the subscribers numbers grew from zero to twelve million subscribers in just eighteen month. Just imagine if you can have such grows with your business. What is more amazing is that Hotmail only spend $50,000 on advertising to achieve it. In comparison Juno spent $20 million on traditional advertising within the same time period but got much less output.

Thinking about example above, viral marketing’s main strength is in reaching a huge number of who are interested in a service or product within a short time frame and at a considerably smaller costs then traditional advertising. Hotmail did not have any marketing or advertising presence in most countries outside the United States but it got to be the major email service provider worldwide. If we look at Google the same strategy was applied when they launched their email service.

The thing that adds more power to viral marketing is the fact that the message are passed on so it is like an endorsement from a trusted person. People think that if my friend uses a product or service and pleased with it them what is stopping me from doing the same thing.

Hotmail’s case is not an isolated one, During the history of the internet there are many similar cases for example Google, twitter, yahoo, Facebook etc.

Viral marketing is one powerful tool to increase business awareness and popularity of your service or product. It is also often used by affiliate marketers. But just like any other method, proper use of viral marketing technique is necessary. A misuse or mistake when using it may result in permanent damage to the product or service being promoted.

Internet Advertising: Understand the Playing Field

Many Websites, offering advertising solutions, will promise the world, wittingly hiding their true agenda. Internet advertising veterans are familiar with which methods work and which are offered for ulterior motives. However, this comes from experience and, in many cases, moderate expense. Advertising on the internet is still evolving. New ideas are born, and old ones die, almost daily. Because of this, novel advertisers should familiarize themselves with forms of advertising offered before pursuing the solution.

Pixel Advertising

This is a new craze, often referred to as, “Million Dollar Page Advertising”. To summarize, this is a Web-page displaying a large grid. Businesses can purchase pixels, or squares, of the grid. Generally, each pixel cost one dollar. Within the pixels purchased, the business can feature an image that is linked to their Website.

The pixel advertising concept was conceived by 22-year-old, Alex Tew. He developed the original, “Million Dollar Homepage”. Alex’s creation generated Media frenzy, because the idea was simple and original. This frenzy gave lots of weight to his pixel ad solution, so much weight that Alex’s page actually did generate one million dollars. This was achieved by selling a million, one dollar pixels. The mind set for advertisers’ was, buy a lot of pixels and your ad would standout from others.

Attempting to Mirror his success, many developers have created their own, “Million Dollar Homepage”. The problem is the frenzy is not coming. These mirrors are not original with, “Slap you in the face,” simplicity. People are not visiting the vast number of, “Million Dollar Homepages,” to see this new insane concept. Therefore, people are not seeing the ads.

For the most part, pixel advertising will not generate sales. The primary motive, behind advertising on such a venue has evolved to increasing Search Engine recognition for a Website. Once again, this may be from the excellent recognition Alex’s page received. The motive of the business offering the solution is to get rich, period. The vast array of pages offering such a solution will not help search engines understand the premise of a Website. They lack organization and focus.

Viral Advertising

Often considered the most powerful form of advertising and often misunderstood. Some business professionals shy away from Viral Advertising ideas, simply because the term, “Viral”. Despite the common fear of the word, there is nothing wrong with Viral Advertising. To summarize, it simply means Advertising that will continue to spread through the Internet on its own or with little interaction.

Viral Advertising starts with a simple product, feature, service, or idea. It is then offered to the internet community for free. Typically, the advertisement offers something to those who display it. A common example would be Googles’ Site Search. They are offering a powerful utility, to Website Developers, which allows visitors to search the displaying Website. In addition, the visitors can also search the Internet, from the Publishing Website. This could easily introduce or familiarize new users with Google. That is a very powerful Viral Advertising Campaign.

It should be understood, there is no pure format to Viral Advertising. It’s a very broad spectrum that comes in many forms. It requires imagination and vision from the business launching the campaign. It’s simply releasing something that is desired by many and watching it spread. It can be a free program, Website Content, or a utility which improves upon a Website. Moreover, it could be something you, the reader, believes many people would want. If one should find themselves wondering, why something is being given away for free, they are probably witnessing a Viral Advertising Campaign.

A commonly scrupulous Viral Advertising campaign is a modification to Pyramid Sales Schemes. Many developers have probably stumbled upon Internet Sites promising exponential display of any advertisement. The craze has died out a bit, but it still lurks.

What’s really cooking here? We start with the Website offering exponential display of any Internet Sites Advertisement. Let’s call it the Mother Site. In the beginning, Mother is seeking two Websites, to display her advertisement (Typically to the effect of, “Generate 5,000 Visitors in 90 days Guaranteed). After Mother finds two Children, she starts seeking four Grand Children, to display two ads. On all four of the next Internet sites will be Mothers’ ad. The two children will be divided. Basically, Mother now has six ads and her children have two. Mother is advertising nobody. Once mother has four Grandchildren, see seeks eight great children to display three ads. On all eight, they advertise Great Grandmother. Then the tree gets divided again. The Grandparents get their ad displayed on four of the sites. The parents have their ads shown on two of the sites. This ad campaign continues to grow, as the original site finds more off-spring.

Here is a simple numeric illustration that may help visualize what is happening:

1 The trap.

2 – 2: Advertise 1. (Display One Ad)

4-4 4-4: Split 2’s, advertise 1. (Two Ads)

8-8 8-8 8-8 8-8 Split 4’s, advertise 1 and 2. (Three Ads)

16-16 16-16 16-16 etc… Split 8’s, Advertise 1, 2, and 4. (Four Ads)

As you can see, this is a form of Viral Advertising. However, someone is going to get stung. When Mother starts asking people to show, “Five Advertisements,” it becomes difficult to continue the operation.

By comparing these two examples there is one distinct variation. Google is simply administering a Viral Advertising Campaign. In the other, people are being tricked into someone’s Viral Advertising campaign, by leading them to believe, they are embarking upon Viral Advertising. However, they maybe embarking upon the end of the viral campaign for each of the previous advertisers (They could be the end of the line).

A Viral Advertising Campaign is not something we should become a participant of, but something we should create and administrate. From this developers perspective, Viral Advertising is as simple as providing a means for visitors to add a Website to their Browser Favorites.

Banner Advertising – Displaying Images

This one of the oldest forms of Internet Advertising we could embark upon. At one point, banners become such a nuisance, software was developed that blocked banner-ads from being shown on Internet Browsers. Today, it’s fairly common to find this software is included with every variant to a Web Browser offered (Block Images from this Domain). If displaying a banner, it may not be wise to pay for every page view. There is a good chance many visitors to the Website will not see the banner at all.

Why Use Viral Marketing 101 For Your Business?

Imagination: Internet business is competitive and to be in the race, your blog should be creative and imaginative. There are so many advertising methods available and you should be able to use each one of them.

You might have an excellent blog or a killer product; however, if no one knows about it, no matter how great your product or service is, you will not be able to earn even a single pie out of it. In the end, you may have to put shutter for your business.

You might be aware of several ways that would boost traffic as well as profit to your e-Commerce blog. However, one of the best methods is Viral Marketing. This will give you an extra footage over the rest.

Why is it called viral marketing? Does it means a virus commonly used in computer terms? Nah…the word about your product or service spreads like a virus and that is why the name viral marketing. Gone are those days when people had to bear with pop-up ads. Now, there are so many ways to block pop-ups and your product may not be seen by others. Go for viral marketing and you would be dumbfounded by the results.

An overview of viral marketing:

Viral marketing, also termed as viral advertising is an upcoming and a useful marketing technique commonly used by people in business to spread a word about their product or service. The ads can be in the form of letters, photographs or videos or anything that would interest the viewers and make them hooked to your blog. It should be in a way that persons who see this ad should be pleased to pass this information to some of his friends or relatives.

To be precise, viral marketing works on the concept that people would pass on a particular content if they like it very much. Even a flash game or amusing story or any other funny videos can be the media through which you promote your product. It need not necessarily be a newsletter or an ad. The basic idea is it should amuse the readers and make them pass it to others.

Why viral marketing is considered to be one of the most popular advertising methods? It is because of the low cost that it involves. Viral marketing is not spam. Your message won’t go to the spam filter as it would be passed on by someone who the other person is well aware of. Therefore, they will definitely open the media and see what it is.

Discounts as well as rebates are also offered for spreading the word through viral marketing. Incentive is based on how many recipients receive the ad from one person.

How to use viral marketing:

One of the easiest ways by which you make public aware of your product or service is viral marketing. It is one of the low cost methods of advertising. In general, only potential customers will visit your blog if you use viral marketing. This means, visitors visiting your blog is directly proportional to potential customers. All you require for viral marketing is imagination combined with originality. You may also introduce incentives or other offers.

Almost all businesses are now aware of the importance of viral marketing and are trying to implement it in their business. Viral marketing coupled with other marketing techniques like Search Engine Optimization, Page Rank, etc. will make your blog stay ahead in the race.

Viral marketing tricks people to look at the ad and make them aware about your product or service. All you require for viral marketing is some innovation. Create a mind boggling game or a funny video. Amuse people to send or pass it on to others. Your hob is over there. It can even be a gossip.

Irrespective of the size of the company, viral marketing can be used. Do you know one of the biggest giants who used viral marketing? Yes…it is Microsoft’s Hotmail. It was they who first introduced viral marketing.

Start your viral marketing campaign right away and see big sales figures.

Viral Advertising Solutions

Viral Advertising is an inexpensive fast way to get your product out on the web. It is the days equivalent of good old-fashioned word of mouth. Viral advertising is the kind you pass along, such as email, instant messaging, text messaging, blogs, face book, myspace, and so forth.

Viral advertising is not the newest way to promote a product or brand, but new technology has recently taken it to a new level. However it is still a unique and often effective means of ‘spreading’ your message. Viral marketing, or viral advertising, presents a wonderful way to get a website known.

Viral marketing works on the basis that people desire to share things they like with their friends and family. As a marketing technique, viral advertising is used to build an awareness to the public of your product or web site.

Viral marketing is a popular marketing and advertising method because of the relatively low cost. It is probably the fastest growing new media for advertisers, probably because there is no limit on content.

Magnetic Advertising campaigns can use viral marketing as a new method of launching brands online.

Viral marketing can be done independent of email. It is a message from the advertiser. It is a marketing technique used to build the public awareness of ones product or company and it offers a way of producing creative promotions on the Internet.

Viral Marketing is a relatively new phenomenon, and at its simplest is a line of code embedded in any promotional “give away” item, such as an e-book, that instantly directs the viewer on to your site. It is essentially a marketing plan that grows the marketing message at an rapid pace without much work by the marketer.

Viral marketing is an idea used to expand the knowledge of your existence on the internet through the efforts of other people and uses both non-traditional and unconventional ways.

Viral Advertising has seen huge growth as advertisers and marketers of all sorts seek to monetize dollars used constructing corporate web sites, micro sites, and web touch points. It can be used for both large corporate websites or small home businesses.

For more information on viral traffic programs, questions to ask before joining and how they can earn you a nice income, please see: Viral Traffic